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"Working in the music industry demands maintaining a constant lifeline to each musician's fan base. has made our job easier with their top notch customer support, competitive pricing and the highest deliverability rates we've encountered. Also, because is fully compliant with all spam laws and standards, we are able to check yet another item from our list. Often times our clients require custom functionality and has been incredible to work with to fulfill our development requests and has been flexible towards our campaign operations. Lastly, their full-featured API has allowed smooth integration of the mailing lists within our clients' web sites."

-Oniracom, California

  Oniracom, California
Cindy Walderman, New York   "The speed at which your system sends messages is mind boggling. You delivered my newsletter to 47,852 subscribers in under 30 minutes! Other mailing list systems I've used in the past used to take a day or more to get my newsletters sent out."

-Cindy Walderman, New York
"I set up my last night and all I can say is THANKS! It has really streamlined the follow-up process. I have been able to consolidate two other sources that I used for follow up and team training, saving me HOURS and DOLLARS each month. I have thousands of contacts to follow up with and it is great to have a Buddy on my team!"

-Jack Weinzierl, Illinois

  Jack Weinzierl, Illinois
Charles Fuchs, Nevada   "As a six-figure Income earner and a Internet marketer for 6 years, I haven't seen an autoresponder service as great as The features and tools put it among the top autoresponder on the Internet today!! This is a must for all people conducting a business on the Internet."

-Charles Fuchs, Nevada

"I work for a non-profit company with a very limited budget. When looking for a mailing list service we were shocked to see most of them charging upwards of $300 - $600 per month for the same service you provide us for only $19.95 per month. We use our account daily to send email blasts to our supporters. No more having to batch our e-mails and fuss with our ISP about our mail volume. You save me at least two hours of work each day. Plus, you are delivering 100% of our newsletters whereas our ISP was doing good to get 60% - 70% of them delivered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Barbara Johnson, California

  Barbara Johnson, California
Shannon & Elizabeth Denniston, Kentucky   " allows us to operate multiple businesses in less time than it use to take us to manage one. We are now able to travel more often thanks to having fully automated the prospecting and follow-up processes of our businesses. You will quickly appreciate this effective e-mail marketing software, we couldn't live without it!"

-Shannon and Elizabeth Denniston, Kentucky
"At the risk of sounding sensational, I firmly believe that is going to be an unprecedented turning point for Internet marketing. As the old saying goes, to build a business find a need and fill it... fills every possible nook and cranny for building a successful automated online business. I am flabbergasted that offers so many features at such a low price. And, offers superb customer service. is by far the most phenomenal marketing tool I have ever used."

-Shane D. Walters, Kentucky

  Shane D. Walters, Kentucky
Ty Hoffer, Texas   "I've used numerous autoresponder systems over the years and is by far, hands-down the best system ever created. There are more features in this system than any other marketing system I have seen. If you are truly serious about building your business in the online world, this is the system to use!"

-Ty Hoffer, Texas

"No legitimate business is a MAGIC business. You have to do the work. So, how many people did you expose your business to this week? With a system like, you can expose hundreds, even thousands of people to your business each week. Most people spend more time at their job or home-based business than they do with their loved ones. Choose carefully. With a system like, I get to spend more fun time with my family and still create great prospects for my home-based business!"

-Art Jonak, Texas

  Art Jonak, Texas
Michael Shaw, Nevada   "Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, your quick responses, and the time you take with your customers. The system is absolutely amazing. I'm only sorry I didn't use this great tool sooner. You've really put together a great follow-up system. Everyone involved with Internet marketing should be using this!"

-Michael Shaw, Nevada


"We have been marketing on the Internet for just over 5 years and have used many different autoresponders during this time, but we must say that after very extensive testing we have come to the conclusion that out performs ALL the rest as far as e-mail deliverability is concerned. Thank you for being a leader in e-mail marketing professionalism and ethics."

-John and Vicky Denton, Michigan

  John and Vicky Denton, Michigan
Rod Cook, Texas  

"I have used the system for over 3 years and it works like a charm. Having used more than 4 different autoresponder systems over the years, is the fastest and easiest to use! To top things off, the crew at stays on top of e-mail deliverability which means probably 30% MORE of your autoresponder messages get through and their technical support is great. You should make your autoresponder system of choice!"

-Rod Cook, Texas


"We use your email marketing software to follow-up with people who have expressed an interest in our line of environment friendly products. I love the fact we can create a series of email messages that are sent at different intervals to each subscriber. We use this feature to send 10 Green Tips, one tip each day, when someone opts-in at our web site. We also have a quarterly newsletter we send out and use the group reminders feature to pre-schedule them to be sent on the dates we set. You have eliminated numerous headaches for not only our company but me too since I'm the person in charge of managing the company's online marketing division."

-Alexis Trimble, California

  Alexis Trimble, California
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