Automate the marketing, training, and support areas of your business NOW! will help automate your online business with ease. Our system is very user friendly and offers many features that are non-existent with other autoresponder systems.
Industry experts say that it takes a minimum of 8 follow-up messages before a prospect will TRUST you enough to do business with you. Do you have time to contact each of your prospects 8 times? Wouldn't it be nice to just add your prospects to a system that knows when to contact each person and what to say at each stage? Wouldn't it be nice to only hear from prospects who are eager to do business with you?
With, you can setup an UNLIMITED number of e-mail campaigns. You can choose to have a campaign start at a date in the future and you can even turn a campaign off. Campaigns can store an UNLIMITED number of e-mail messages which may be in plain-text or HTML format or a mixture of the two! Our system also allows you to specify both the plain-text and HTML content for each of your messages! Members can also allow other members to import their campaign into their account with or without password protection.
You can add contacts via bulk upload, individual addition, web-based form opt-in, and e-mail subscription. If you would like to be notified each time a new contact is added to your account via a web-based form or e-mail subscription, this option is also available. You can also add, edit, and delete your contacts any time you wish. utilizes state-of-the-art closed loop confirmation. This feature is provided absolutely FREE to all members regardless of membership plan. With this feature, each time your account receives a subscription request, a customized e-mail is generated and sent to the contact on your behalf requesting their confirmation. This e-mail contains the name and description of your campaign. We also recommend that you include the frequency of your mailings so the subscriber will know up front how often you'll be contacting them via e-mail. In addition, this feature accomplishes TEN critical tasks:

(1) it eliminates bad e-mail addresses
(2) it eliminates ALL false subscriptions caused by viruses
(3) it eliminates the majority of un-interested and trouble-causing subscribers
(4) it allows you to calculate your Revenue Per Subscriber more accurately
(5) it allows you to market more effectively with fewer resources
(6) it conserves bandwidth which equates to a lowered cost of marketing
(7) it projects both a positive and professional image for your business
(8) it results in a higher delivery rate for your mailings
(9) it creates the most targetted and valuable list possible
(10) it provides 100% protection against false spam allegations filed against your account by any of your confirmed subscribers
All removal requests are handled by the system on your behalf in real-time so you don't have to worry about sending e-mail to those who don't wish to receive your mailings. Prospects can be added to multiple campaigns and you can even setup special subscription filters which will unsubscribe a contact from one campaign upon their subscription to a second campaign. You can also choose to have a contact auto-subscribed to a second campaign once they have received all messages from a particular campaign. will clean your contact lists in seconds so that you know which contacts have valid e-mail addresses and which contacts are still searching for the information that you have to offer them. This is included FREE of charge with all accounts.
We maintain an in-house Global Unsubscribe Database so your prospects can rest assured that when they opt-out, they will not be re-added by another marketer. Of course, we don't recommend that they add themselves to this database, but the option is available if that is their decision.
Many marketers use our system as a contact manager. You can add and save notes for each of your contacts. Since this software is web-based, your notes are available from any Internet-enabled system! Whether you're vacationing in Aruba or on a flight to Europe, you can manage this system on-the-go!
Flexibility, Ease Of Use, Affordability, and Reliability have made the marketing system the industry's chosen leader. Whether you're new to Internet marketing or a seasoned pro, we are sure that you will find our system to be the foundation of your business.
"Thousands of satisfied members worldwide!"